Monday, November 5, 2012

We are Kings


We have many phrases and ways in which we greet each other. Some express our terms of endearment while others carry negative connotations. Recently I was asked why I greet brothers by saying "sup king." First off the word "sup" is Ebonics for what’s up which originated from the Nation of gods and earths. The reason why I greet a brother by calling him KING is because the word king is the highest honor one can bestow upon a man.

 The traditional educational system limits the history of blacks to slavery in America. So we automatically assume our history begin as tribal Bushmen wondering aimlessly throughout the continent of Africa until slavery. We are rarely told that we were the original architects, astronomers, cultivators, physicians, mathematicians, kings and queens.

While there is no denying we all have the blood of slaves but we also have the hearts of kings

Peace King.

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